Moving and missing readings

Moving and missing readings

In the past couple weeks, we’ve packed up our house in Maine, spent days driving down to South Carolina, and have moved into a rental in Greenville and started unpacking.

And in the process, I’ve missed entire days of 14’s! Which has “allowed” me to read the entire book of Deuteronomy in just three sittings! (I read my 14’s while on an exercise bike. So it’s win-win.)

Jon Swanson and I created the 14’s to allow people to get into the passage a bit more than just reading a couple verses. But in these three readings, I’ve gotten to read h-u-g-e sections of the text. And it reminds me, there are many stories in the Bible of entire books being read at public gatherings.

Including readings of Deuteronomy. It’s been interesting trying to picture standing up in a hot, dusty place listening to Moses talk. (My picture of the first telling of this book.) It makes the repetitions make more sense. Last week, we went to the open house for the art school my son will be attending. Since it was an “open house” without a set start time, we got to here his teacher’s information loop and grow. He’d repeat himself, keeping the core information the same but adding different emphasis or stories each time. Moses sort of does this in Deuteronomy too. I think I would’ve missed that if I hadn’t read it in this format.

So while I aim to do my 14’s daily, it’s still a tool if I let them clump up. (Have I told you I am a pretty over-the-top optimist?) 🙂

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