Author: Marc Pitman

  • Listening too!

    Listening too!

    Every Sunday morning, I make muffins. (You can see some of the goofy pictures in this #weeklymuffin album on Facebook.) While I’m baking, I usually listen to a course from the Teaching Company. But this week I tried something new. You see, weekends are my most consistent times with these 14 minute passages. Monday mornings […]

  • Moving and missing readings

    Moving and missing readings

    In the past couple weeks, we’ve packed up our house in Maine, spent days driving down to South Carolina, and have moved into a rental in Greenville and started unpacking. And in the process, I’ve missed entire days of 14’s! Which has “allowed” me to read the entire book of Deuteronomy in just three sittings! […]

  • Read? Retain? Regurgitate?

    I’d forgotten how many different emotions this 14 Minutes a Day experiment surfaces. Reading through Genesis today, some of the questions I wrestled with included: Do I need to read quickly to make sure I’m done in 14 minutes? Do I need to read slowly to be able to regurgitate every detail perfectly? Should I […]

  • 14 Minutes a Day is live!

    Today marked the formal start of 14 Minutes a Day with my announcement on my blog!